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Our First website went live!

This week, we went live with a new site! The board of this organization was looking for a site that was welcoming, fully functional, and reflected who they are. We worked with them to find the right design and content, and developed the site using WordPress. During the development process, our Lead Developer Denton trained in a new developer, Brenna, who learned quickly and did a big chunk of the work! Brenna is a stay-at-home mom who teaches piano from her home and did not have a background in anything web-related. At Creative Purple, our goal is to not only make quality sites for our customers, but also to provide opportunities for people to learn who would normally be intimidated by the idea of taking on a web development project. We look for people who have a drive to do their best, learn new skills, and have fun in the process. You can’t teach that drive, but you can teach coding. We all had fun working on this project. Take a look, and please tell your friends about us! We can build a great website for your small business for a very reasonable price, and you’re helping people learn an awesome new skill along the way.



Have you ever worked on something, a project, a business, for so long and so intently that it sort of becomes overly important to you? And then you’re at that point where you need to involve others, and you kind of just want to hoard it and keep it to yourself because if you pass it on to someone else, no matter how qualified they are, surely they won’t care as much and won’t put as much care and effort into it as you.
It’s a bit like leaving your baby for the first time with a sitter. All the instructions and showing them five times where the diapers are and just exactly how he likes to be laid down for his naps and maybe I shouldn’t leave after all, I’ll just stay! That’s a little how producing a website feels for me when it gets to that hand-off to the developer stage. I know I don’t have the time or expertise to do the development, I know I need to delegate, I know this is all for the best, but! But I’ve shaped that website and I know exactly how it’s going to look, and it can feel a bit like handing off my baby. It’s not as if I’ll never see it again, it just means it’s no longer solely in my care. And for a control freak, that’s a little scary.
We have highly qualified developers at Creative Purple. If I didn’t think they were qualified, they wouldn’t work with us. I think every small business owner feels a little anxiety about handing off tasks. But that’s really what running a successful small business is all about- delegating tasks to qualified people so that you can focus on what matters most to you, whether it’s growing your business, training new recruits, streamlining processes. And that’s why, unless you run your own website company, you should hire us to create your small business website for you. Delegate that task to Creative Purple- we’ll take care of it like it’s our own.

We Have a Logo!

We have a logo! It’s simple, it’s purple and…I made it! If you know me at all, you know I don’t have a whole lot of natural design ability (it’s ok, I’ve come to terms with it.) Thank goodness for the internet.
When my brother Jamon asked me if I wanted to start a small business with him, I said “Sure!” before I even knew what it was. Luckily it ended up being web development, something I was familiar with, and not mucking out horse stalls. (Although, granted, I’d probably be closer to my cardio goals if it was that.) As a stay-at-home mom, I love my full time job- being a mom- and I was looking for something part-time that allowed me to work from home, exercise my mind, and contribute to the family income. I worked for Jamon, a veteran of the software world, after I had my daughter, and I enjoyed the work and liked working with him, so it was a great fit. I’ve had no problem with the sales and training and producing parts of the job, but I found myself stressing out about, of all things, the logo.
I knew we needed to hire a designer, and we are working with a great one. However, as a small business, we wanted to start small and I’m someone that has a really hard time waiting on anything I’m excited about, so I decided to do my own design work (ah-hem, not really my area normally!) and guess what? Did you know there is a free online logo creator? Wait, what?! There is something that exists online to create a logo in about 5 minutes? Of course there is. There are people that have spent precious time creating online app games for CATS, so naturally there are logo creator sites.
Are you a small business owner? Or think maybe you need your own personal branding, just for fun? Creating a logo on takes really no time at all. Go to the site, put in your business name, play around with the font, color, and the thousands of icons they offer, and you’ve got yourself a logo.
By the way, we are still looking for new website projects as well as potential producers, programmers, writers, and quality assurance people — especially stay-at-home moms! Feel free to get in touch if you’re interested and we of course really appreciate if you share this post and tell small business owners about us. We’ll even give you $100 if you refer a new website our way.
We’re Creative Purple, and we do websites for small businesses.