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We Have a Logo!

We have a logo! It’s simple, it’s purple and…I made it! If you know me at all, you know I don’t have a whole lot of natural design ability (it’s ok, I’ve come to terms with it.) Thank goodness for the internet.
When my brother Jamon asked me if I wanted to start a small business with him, I said “Sure!” before I even knew what it was. Luckily it ended up being web development, something I was familiar with, and not mucking out horse stalls. (Although, granted, I’d probably be closer to my cardio goals if it was that.) As a stay-at-home mom, I love my full time job- being a mom- and I was looking for something part-time that allowed me to work from home, exercise my mind, and contribute to the family income. I worked for Jamon, a veteran of the software world, after I had my daughter, and I enjoyed the work and liked working with him, so it was a great fit. I’ve had no problem with the sales and training and producing parts of the job, but I found myself stressing out about, of all things, the logo.
I knew we needed to hire a designer, and we are working with a great one. However, as a small business, we wanted to start small and I’m someone that has a really hard time waiting on anything I’m excited about, so I decided to do my own design work (ah-hem, not really my area normally!) and guess what? Did you know there is a free online logo creator? Wait, what?! There is something that exists online to create a logo in about 5 minutes? Of course there is. There are people that have spent precious time creating online app games for CATS, so naturally there are logo creator sites.
Are you a small business owner? Or think maybe you need your own personal branding, just for fun? Creating a logo on takes really no time at all. Go to the site, put in your business name, play around with the font, color, and the thousands of icons they offer, and you’ve got yourself a logo.
By the way, we are still looking for new website projects as well as potential producers, programmers, writers, and quality assurance people — especially stay-at-home moms! Feel free to get in touch if you’re interested and we of course really appreciate if you share this post and tell small business owners about us. We’ll even give you $100 if you refer a new website our way.
We’re Creative Purple, and we do websites for small businesses.


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